This is the Webcomics Tarot Project, a community project in which online comic authors and artists of many varieties, genres, and styles contribute to a collective tarot deck!

This project, originally prompted by both a Tarot-related art contest in 2008 and a very informal playing cards project of a similar nature in 2007, has generated much interest since 2009. The playing cards project was loosely organized amid a few webcomic artists but never gathered and, as such, no one is really sure what became of that — however, it was such a good idea that something had to come of it!

Since then, a webcomic author kept thinking about it and pondered, "What if this idea were done in an official way, with a website and everything? Oh, but with Tarot instead." She had the time to organize the concept, so she created a website!

"It can be a collection of all sorts of different webcomic creators' art, with links to their comics from their wonderful pieces!" she thought. "Who knows — maybe it will gain traction. Perhaps this will be how some comics are introduced to new readers! Maybe people whose comics I have read will join in as well!" It was something she wanted to see more and more as her fascination with both webcomics and Tarot grew.

Thus, this project was born!

FYI: There are templates available!

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