Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tarot? What's that? What is this? Where am I?
A: Look over here, my friend!

Q: Well, this sounds interesting, and I have a webcomic. I want in!
A: Great! Find out how to here and get to signing up!

Q: Do I have to draw in a particular style to join in?
A: Nope! All styles, genres, and whatever else have you are acceptible. Please do your own thing! Make it detailed or simple - make something that represents your comic, even with its own symbolism, if you wish!

Q: So I'm free to interpret the cards in my own way?
A: Yes! As far as that goes, you're free. You can be literal, humorous, vague, serious, recreate a Rider-Waite tarot card with your characters, re-interpret them, subvert them, etc. Just make sure that your card relates to your webcomic somehow!

Q: Does my card have to be in full color?
A: It would be preferred, but limited color palettes are fine - just create a finished-looking image! Please, no rough sketches or plain lineart.

Q: Do I have to create something completely new for this project?
A: Yes. Please don't recycle older artwork or comic pages/frames (or, if you do, don't make it the sole focus of your card).

Q: Is there an official template?
A: Yes, of course! Originally it was optional, but at this point it is required for use! Branding and such. Download it here.

Q: What else should I know about the template?
A: The card number for the Major Arcana should be represented by Roman numerals, and for the Minor Arcana, they should be regular numbers (1-10). Numbers and text should be stroked to a certain degree (don't worry if you can't) -- see the examples. When possible, try to keep text mostly within the circular areas. Also, if you have difficulty working with blue, its complementary color, orange, can work quite well with it -- and its analogous colors, green and especially purple, do as well. That's all!.

Q: Does it have to be any specific file format or resolution?
A: When sending it to me, JPG or PNG are best! Please make the submitted-for-display files web-sized, but it's a great idea for the originals to be high-resolution, at least 150DPI but preferably 300DPI. (The official templates already fit the proper specs, so are good to go!)

Q: Is there a rating limit to the content of my card(s)?
A: It'd be nice if you kept your card(s) tasteful or publicly viewable at least, but up to an "R" rating is fine. Links to any R-rated website will be marked like this.

Q: When's the deadline?
A: The current deadline is January 12th, 2013! Comics that don't submit their submissions or otherwise send an update before then will have their slots re-opened.
There originally were no deadlines until the summer of 2012, but it was enforced in the interests of completion -- and, with a combination of other new tactics, seemed to be effective.

Q: Something happened and I can't participate anymore. May I relinquish my card?
A: Yes you may! It will then be available for someone else to take.

Q: Wait, hold on - can you put up what I got done instead?
A: I'm afraid I'll have to turn down half-finished images. If you do happen to finish it in the future, though, I may feature it in some way!

Q: Are these going to be printed as an actual deck?
A: We don't have any plans to print right now, as it tends to get expensive and organizing people in order to get it done may prove difficult. However, if enough interest is generated, we might begin looking into it. So, "perhaps?"

Q: My work is still my work after submitted, right?
A: Of course! Even if it does go to print, the copyright on your art and its contents are still 100% yours. As such, you can still do whatever you like with your Tarot piece, too.

Q: I have a sprite comic/my Star Wars spoof comic is awesome. Can I be in?
A: Sorry, but for the sake of copyrights and originality, only drawn and original comics (not based off of/derivative of anything, that is -- and using, within the comic, things/characters you made or own, etc.) will be accepted. (Original sprite comics would be accepted, but I actually have yet to see anyone sprite their own comic.)

Q: I have more than one webcomic! Can I do a card for each?
A: Yeah, sure! So long as there are enough slots.

Q: I'm kind of starting a webcomic. I've got three pages up! May I join?
A: You must have at least 15 pages of your comic up and be working on it in order to submit. That way your comic has enough substance for promotion!

Q: My webcomic may be ending soon... May I still join?
A: That's fine! I like to promote webcomics that have seen their way toward completion. I'd prefer if there was still a good amount of time left before its end.

Feel free to ask Miluette more questions!

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